We are currently working on our schedule of 2018 workshops, including growing garlic, starting a veggie garden, permaculture introduction and design certificate…. Let us know how we can help you!

Permaculture Design Course with our friends at Murrnong, Violet Town Victoria

DATE: Nov 11 2017 – May 13 2018  –  A 14 Day Course, shared over 7 weekend sessions from Spring through to Autumn. This extended format gives you time to take what you’ve learnt each session, thoroughly digest it all, absorb the sometimes life-changing content, and grow together as a learning community through these seasons.

This PDC engages and immerses you in design examples, at Murrnong and at other sites, with examples from intensive urban to rural to bush land. We try to include something hands on and practical each day.

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Here’s Grahame’s Bio -In 2007 Grahame moved with his young family back to Northern Victoria where he grew up. Since then he and his wife Lisa have been working to transform a 1.2 hectare property on the edge of their small town. They make their living from this property, Katamatite Garlic, with their small commercial production, and with property tours. Although Grahame has been a student and practitioner of permaculture for many years, and the property is evidence of that, he completed his PDC in 2017 and found it to be a very rewarding and affirming experience. He is a ‘people person’ who loves plants and particularly loves soil.

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